In English, please.

99 verbs boardgame

boardgame conversation

a or b?

phrasal verbs boardgame

what do you prefer

choose the opposite

the secret classmate

MY 2021

MY 2021 II

bingo about me

bingo past tenses

guess the country

interactive boardgame


new! online clases

Find more than 30 activities to use in online classes (in Power Point format) or to use in the classroom (in PDF format) here.

she's got the book!

Find this super game bundle with boardgames, flashcards, worksheet, blank templates and more than 50 ideas for your English class here.

buy it for €9,50


It’s just a A4 paper size that students will have to fold in half and that can be stood on their classroom desk to check everything they need.

buy it for €2.90

buy it for €2.90

two mini-dictionaries

Illustrated dictionaries in English. More than 400 words in each mini-dictionary 😉.


mini-book origami