Lápiz de ELE



Almost 1000 words in English on this dictionary of just 28 pages and 2 papers 😉

You’ll only need to print a double-sided paper. Cut and fold as you can see in the video and in two minutes (maximum 5 if you are very clumsy!) you will have in your hand an Illustrated Dictionary of 14 pages, more than 400 words and only 7 × 11 cm. Also, you will receive the fourteen posters at A4 size so you can use them as you want (card, poster, custom size …) or to cut them and transform them into flashcards.

WHY BUY IT? It was never so easy to have so much information at hand! Small and simple but not insubstantial. Its attractive and orderly design accompanied by its mini size, reduces anxiety to students by the ease of accessing the information they need. You can paste it in your notes or unfold it on the table to always have it by your side.

This is not just a minibook:
✔ Great for online classes.

✔ Make memory games (just photocopy twice and cut out each square).

✔ Perfect to project in class

✔ Make flashcards

✔ Print them in A3 and make posters for your classroom

✔ Remove the words and use them as tests.

If you have any problem, send me an email to hola@lapizdeele.com